Spend it together.

Tabbt is the companion for your everyday life.

Sending money to friends and sharing payments has never been easier. In a nutshell, Tabbt is the new way to pay – shared, free, fast and secure.

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Tabbt protects your sensitive banking information better than any other payment solution.

Your data belongs to you! Tabbt has develeoped a unique security concept that protects your banking information better than others.

All sensitive banking information are only stored locally and fully encrypted on your mobile device. Tabbt never comes in possession of your IBAN and PIN.

Tabbt is the first payment app that uses end-to-end encryption technology. This allows you to exchange banking information fast and safely – strictly without Tabbt or third parties gaining knowledge of them.

Unlike other payment providers, your PIN and TAN are never submitted to Tabbt. Your smartphone communicates directly with your own bank using a highly encrypted connection.

Tabbt connects payments and moments

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We believe that payments are more than a simple exchange of money. We know that every single payment tells a little story. Tabbt gives a voice to your payment and helps you to share the story behind it.

Enjoy the time you spend with your friends. With Tabbt, splitting bills becomes extremely easy. No need for correct change. No remembering amounts owed. Just create a tab and let Tabbt handle the rest.

Tabbt is smart. The app automaticaly offsets all expenses with each other. Whether you choose to recharge your friends with the next moment you share together or make a payment to your friends bank account right away – Tabbt always gives you the right balance.

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