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  1. What is Tabbt?
    Tabbt is an app that helps you share costs with your friends and keep track of who owes what.
  2. How can I add my friends?

    Use the add user button on Tabbt's main screen. You have two options for finding your friends:

    1. The first option is to scan the address book. This is by far the easiest solution to find your friends, because Tabbt will scan your whole address book and tell you which contacts are already using Tabbt. Your address book will be uploaded over a secure connection and we will only use it once to find friends using Tabbt, but we do not store it on our servers.
    2. Manually adding friends: If you don't want your address book to be uploaded for privacy reasons, you can choose the second option. It will allow you to select a particular friend from your address book and check if s/he is already on Tabbt. If you denied Tabbt access to your address book, you have to enter your friend's email or phone number manually (iOS only).


  1. I cannot login anymore.
    (Error: "Phone number already registered.")
    Probably you have already created an account and you're trying to login with a different e-mail address or via Facebook/Google+. If you don't remember how you've registered, just write our support team and provide your mobile number: [email protected]
  2. How can I delete my account?
    You can delete your account at: tabbt.com/delete


  1. What is a Tab?
    A Tab can be any expense (cinema, roadtrip, dinner, ...) that can be shared among friends. Usually, the person who paid creates the Tab and adds the friends that were with her. Once the Tab is submitted, all participants will receive a notification on their phones.
  2. Who can see my Tabs?
    You can share your Tabs with your friends or publicly. Amounts are visible to direct participants only.
    There are three visibility levels:
    • Public: Everyone can see the Tab
    • Friends: Participants and their friends can see the Tab
    • Private: Only participants can see the Tab
    The visibility can be set for each Tab individually. A default visibility can be configured in the settings.
  3. Who can edit Tabs?
    Tabs may be edited by all participating users.
  4. What is the Newsfeed?
    The newsfeed shows you what tabs were created recently and what your friends are up to.


  1. Why do you need my phone number?
    Because Tabbt uses the address book to add friends, your phone number is required in order for your friends to find you. Your number is not visible to anybody, it will only be used internally for searching.
  2. Why do you need the permission to access my phone contacts?
    In order to make it as easy as possible to create Tabs with your friends, you can add anybody from your address book to a tab and Tabbt takes care of finding that person on Tabbt. In general, Tabbt only sends contacts manually selected by you to its servers. The only exception is the contact scan feature. Here, all of your contacts are sent to our servers once to find matching users, but not stored (see adding friends).


  1. Guests allow you to keep track of expenses with friends who have not joined Tabbt yet. They are automatically created, when you create tabs with friends from your phone's address book that do not have a Tabbt account yet. Guests are like normal users, but belong to you and do not have any balance to other users except you. This means that whenever your guest consumes or pays something, you will be charged or credited. As soon as your friends join Tabbt, you can transfer all Tabs that you've created with them to their real accounts (see Tab transfer).

    Julia is visiting the beautiful german city Hamburg, where her friend Laura lives. They go out with Daniel and Robert. Daniel got some drinks for the group and Laura is creating a tab for them. Because Julia is not on Tabbt yet, she will be added as the guest of Laura. Daniel will have no balance to Julia, but will get his money back from Laura instead.

Tab transfer

  1. What is a Tab transfer?
    You can use Tabbt without requiring your friends to have a Tabbt account (see Guests). As soon as they join Tabbt, there is no need for you to maintain a guest for them any longer. However, you might want to transfer all Tabs from the guest to your friend's real account, so she can view the Tabs you created with her before she joined. Your friend will be asked if she wants to import these Tabs. As soon as she accepts your request, all Tabs are transferred from the guest to your friend.
  2. Can a Tab transfer be undone?
    No. There is currently no way to undo a Tab transfer. So please make sure that it is the correct person you're transfering the Tabs to.