Your data belongs to you! Tabbt is the first Zero Knowledge payment provider.
Why Tabbt protects your sensitive banking information better than any other payment solution.

Tabbt has developed a unique security concept that protects your banking information better than others. Every other payment solution requires you to share sensitive information such as credit card number, address or account information with the payment provider. At Tabbt, we chose a different path. Our goal is to make payments possible without ever even coming in contact with your sensitive banking information. This makes Tabbt the first payment provider implementing a "Zero Knowledge" technology to carry out payments.

Communicate Directly With Your Bank

Banking is one of the most sensitive areas in our lives. That’s why we do not compromise on security. Other payment providers are in between you and your bank. They usually get access to your sensitive banking information such as your IBAN, PIN and TAN. Also, they use to store your account balance and bank statements on their web-cloud server. With Tabbt, your smartphone communicates directly with your bank in a highly encrypted connection – with no detours and no man in the middle.

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Tabbt-PIN / Fingerprint Sensor

You can choose your own Tabbt-PIN to protect every payment you make. You can also choose to use the fingerprint sensor (Touch ID) or your device passcode instead.

End-to-End Encryption

In order to send money to friends, you first have to exchange banking information with the person you want to send money to. This exchange is protected by end-to-end encryption, that means neither Tabbt nor others can access your data. The information is encrypted locally on your phones and only the intended recipient can decrypt them.

Local & Encrypted Storage

All your sensitive data is only saved locally on your own smartphone in an encrypted database. Your smartphone is like a vault that only you have the key for.

Two-Factor Authentication

As an additional security measure, your bank will always require you to enter a valid TAN for every payment. You stay in full control over the execution of your payments.

Linked To Your Smartphone

When you use the bank transfer payment method, your Tabbt account is linked to your smartphone. Payments can only be carried out from your own smartphone.

Remote Locking

Should you ever lose your smartphone, you can always contact us at [email protected] so that we can lock the payment feature remotely.

Bank-grade Security

We use up-to-date encryption and banking standards to protect your data.